Dear Sylvia Review and Photos

Sad I wasn't able to make it over for the 'Dear Sylvia' Exhibition in Australia, which looks brilliant and has been getting a great response. Heres one Review on Art Guide

...'Michelle Sank takes portraits of young women who have undergone cosmetic surgery, but Alma Haser’s portraits from her series Cosmic Surgery, 2012, are the highlight of Dear Sylvia. Haser folds photos of her models into geometric 3D forms, then places them on the original portrait and re-photographs them. The finished images draw attention to the artifice inherent in any portrait by presenting faces that are fragmented and distorted – multifaceted, as if seen through the eyes of an insect. Yet they remain, undeniably, a kind of true likeness.'

If your in Paddington, Australia you can still see the show until 22nd March at the Australian Centre for Photography