On the face of it

Recently I was asked by a fellow artist to submit a self-portrait to his Pop Art project. I decided to disguise myself in a wig and borrowed outfit. The results of this one-off photograph inspired me to make this series “On the face of it” using the wigs and the outfits as a sort of camouflage for myself and my models to hide behind.

Since graduating from university I have been experimenting with self-portraiture. I have been my own willing and available model, but up to now I have been determined not to reveal my identity and have hidden or obscured my face in all of the photographs.

The wig gave me the confidence to look at my camera square on and I began to think about how other people might feel empowered by dressing up.

I started to understand that as individuals we use our hair through its colour, cut and style, to define ourselves. By eliminating the visual cue of hair, the portraits become less human and the individual becomes sublimated. I realized that I could continue my unrevealing self-portraiture by placing myself in a clone like crowd of women.